Ignoring the Siren’s Call

April 6, 2010

You’re on the subway platform, waiting for the train.

Or in the supermarket, waiting in line.

Or at the bank.

Or at lunch, flying solo.

Suddenly the impulse comes.  You fish out your phone and check your email or messages.  With that you’re off, rummaging through the box of distractions you’ve just opened.

Rewind:  same scenario, but this time you feel the impulse and stop, hand on your phone.

Why did the urge come in the first place?  Were you bored?  Stressed?  Was a “big thought” looming?

The next time you feel the impulse to succumb to distraction, resist it and stay in the moment.  See what develops.

You might find something even more interesting than the same old messages that can wait until later anyway.


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